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Why "The 5x5 Rule" is important to follow

Sometimes it might be difficult to pinpoint the sources of our daily stress. Your attitude and perspective may often be impacted by several sources of stress. This is often the primary cause of drug addiction.

You may read more about the four stress management approaches here

Getting rid of stress
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It is worthwhile to go more into the 5x5 rule, which may assist you in putting challenges into perspective and lowering your stress levels in high-stress situations.

Think about whether or not an issue will still be relevant in five years to use the 5x5 rule. If it doesn't, don't spend more than five minutes worrying about it. Using the 5x5 rule might help you put your challenges in perspective. There are certain difficulties that don't need your whole attention. Even if the problem is little, it is easy and natural for people to think about it for a long time. Therefore, it is not worth getting upset over anything if it won't matter in five years.

Although it may seem like a silly way to handle stress, implementing it into our everyday life may have a big influence on how we feel. We often find ourselves in situations where we have to interact with people that make the day challenging to get through. It is wise to ask oneself, "Will I care about this situation in five years?" Most of the time, the answer is a categorical no.

The next time you're trying to unwind, take a big breath and ask yourself, "hey, will this matter in 5 years?" If it won't work for you, don't waste your time trying. Instead, give yourself a five-minute mental thrashing before telling yourself it won't matter in five years.

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