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Guidelines for Conduct Basic manners.

Stay true to yourself and let others treat you with respect.

Ladies, give this one some thought. You should be treated with respect because who you are is completely fine. It may take a lifetime to smooth out the rough edges, but the time is now to get started!

Say "Thank you"

The greatest reaction is a simple "Thank you" when someone compliments you or does anything good for you. Please keep in mind the other basic manners phrases, "please," "excuse me," and "you're welcome."

Offer Sincere Compliments

Giving is a cornerstone of good manners. You may always come up with a sincere complement to provide along with your attention and interest when you first meet someone. A simple "Hello" or "How are you?" is often insufficient. Be liberal in honest compliments, cordial welcomes, expressions of compassion, or any other suitable expressions of emotion.

Avoid being conceited, haughty, or loud.

Always maintain composure and excellent taste while in formal company. Your tone of speech, your mannerisms, and even your attire should exude subtle elegance. Please refrain from boasting about your achievements; a polite person has no desire for self-promotion. Let your actions speak for you.

Before speaking, listen

A necessity of excellent manners is respect for others. One method to demonstrate respect is to listen to others. Show genuine interest in other people, get to know them, and encourage them to introduce themselves. Never break a flow. Be sure to listen intently and look them in the eye.

Speak kindly and cautiously

Think about the impact of your words before you talk to others. Also keep in mind that body language, such as posture and gestures, is more significant than spoken language.

Avoid criticism and complaining.

Any type of negativity should be avoided. Don't join in or listen to rumours. If you disagree with someone, say so politely (agree to disagree). We all need to vent, so only talk to your closest friends or family members when you want to "bitch" them.

Be on time.

Recognize the importance of time, both yours and others'. Always be on time for appointments. Call beforehand if you must be late. Never show up to a social event early (this is fine in a business setting). Long goodbyes just add to the aggravation and might sour an otherwise enjoyable experience. A swift, escape at the appropriate moment is often welcomed.

Avoid embarrassing others

It's insulting to call someone a derogatory nickname or use crude humour. Never bring up personal matters or how much anything cost in conversation

Show Up in Good Behavior

Spend time and effort on your look and demeanour while presenting oneself.

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