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Everyone is doing things that are debilitating.

If you've returned to work, it's possible that this has negatively impacted your health.

Work may be harmful to your health in a variety of ways.

First, there's the stress of travelling back to the workplace, plus the surge in inflation — and our income doesn't even touch the surface.

Perhaps we are compelled to come into the workplace on a daily basis in order to'show face' to our traditional employer. I understand how you feel since it has happened to me several times.

Do you believe that is harmful?

What about the one thing you and I do so often that we don't even realise it's bad for our health?

A research conducted by Simon Fraser University and health sciences professors Scott Lear and Wei Li monitored people for 11 years.

Fraser wanted to know what occurred when these people sat down and if it raised their risk of mortality and cardiovascular disease.

Those who sat the most and were the least active were 50% more likely to die.

Those who sat the most but were also the most active had a much reduced incidence of 17%.

Replace 30 minutes of sitting with exercise if you sit for more than 4 hours each day. This will minimise your risk by around 2%.

We now have the possibility to enhance our exercise levels and minimise our risks of dying prematurely without too many Covid limitations.

For practical, low-cost advantages, prioritise getting more active and sitting less.

A stroll, for example, is free, as is walking outside for some fresh air around noon.

So, instead of sitting, go for a long stroll and enjoy the landscape (not your phone).

With a simple technique, we might easily address the worldwide issue of excessive sitting. All we have to do now is get the F*% * off our seats!

A standing desk has helped me maintain my aim of standing up reasonable and practical.

Walking during your lunch hour is another excellent technique.

Simply keep moving and avoid sitting down at the first chance - it will do you more damage than good. Sitting for lengthy periods of time is one of the easiest things to address, yet most of us overlook it.

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