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Updated: Jul 21, 2022


I am Rihazudin Razik, Rihaz for short -- an ordinary guy who lives by the catchphrase “I shall do everything in my power to follow my dreams.”

The soon-to-be debut of my memoir "If You Hug Me, I Will Fall" is one such dream. It's a big dream that I have worked on for over a year. The publication of this book on how I made the most of a bad hand that life dealt me and persevered with my goals, is my offering to you.

I believe that some elements in my life story are universally relatable; for example, the importance of a can-do attitude, a sense of humour in a storm, and strong connections with people. At the end of the day, these are what make the seemingly impossible, really rather simple.


REVIEWS: Read what people have to say about my story

"... voyage that starts in the 20th century and continues into the 21st... A journey spanning over four decades that has seen harsh moments of Sri Lankan history yet has persisted despite near escapes from terrorism.
Portrayals of life in Kandy's natural environment, Colombo's bustling warmth, and Chennai open the reader's imagination.
A happy story to ease grief.
The writer's choices to adapt his goals to life's flow are remarkable. --- Mrs. Z. N. Barry, Visiting Instructor, Extension Courses in English, Department of English, University of Colombo

"From naughty child to pragmatic adult, more physical mishaps have befallen Rihaz Razik than most families will encounter in their lifetime. 
Of course, he leaned on family love and support; of course, he relied on medical expertise; but more than anything else, his intrinsically solid foundation of indomitable good humour, faith and an unshakeable can-do attitude, helped him overcome seemingly insurmountable odds. Rihaz's inspirational journey will remind you of Muhammad Ali's motivational challenge: You want impossible? Impossible is nothing!
-- Sam Perera, Perera-Hussein Publishing House, Colombo 7, Sri Lanka        

"Fantastic read!! Heartwarming and inspirational. A journey through life but also a philosophy to live by."
-- Dananjaya Hettiarachchi, World Champion of Public Speaking 2014

"Reading your memoir really put things in perspective, from the good to the not-so-good and everything in-between. As difficult as some of your challenges have been, they have moulded you into a real-life superhero who never gives up and is surrounded by much love and support. I feel I can appreciate every step of the way and simply knowing the kind of resilient person you truly are, I hope this book gives someone who is looking for that light at the end of a tunnel, hope and peace knowing that the key to finding them is always within themselves." 
-- Marian Illangarathna, Senior Project Manager, Agility Logistics, Toronto, Ontario, Canada 

"It is a beautiful memoir. A remarkable story of an endearing survivor. You are an amazing human being.   A laudable and exhilarating read indeed. Kudos to you .-- Milhana Anver, Champion Speaker/Communications Coach,
First woman to win Toastmasters Humorous Speech Contest for District 82 Srilanka

"It's with profound excitement that I'm sharing my thoughts about this amazing piece of work.
The author begins with a note saying, "This book is dedicated to all those who feel they have no future, to those who have no faith in themselves, and to those who give up too easily." And I'm astonished to realise how accurate each word is.

The author has reflected on his life in carefully added words of hope, he has shown the world that struggle is real but that doesn't mean giving up is an option and, more importantly, he has set an example of how great life could become if you persistently believe that "things will become" better and more meaningful if you endure hardships. 

The speciality of this book is that it's written by someone who has gone through physical challenges and he has transferred his first-hand learnings of such situations into words. What else is needed to motivate someone who feels low and at a point where nothing gives hope.

My hearty congratulations to the author and his effort to adorn the world of literature with his inspirational life journey."
-Ragulan Tharmakulasingam
   Author - Tik Tik | Social Entrepreneur | TEDx Speaker | Founder Pick a Book, Life After Retirement, Simbutu | Director Epitom Digital

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